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Tar River Log Homes

The ability to deliver products anywhere in the world will allow us   continue to grow and provide log homes to customers no matter where they may be. No matter the location, you can be assured business will be handled professionally and your Log Home or Cabin will be delivered promptly.
With an extensively growing transportation and shipping network to any place on the globe, you can be certain that we can assist you to have a log home delivered to the country of your choice.  Shipping internationally to any port in the world, we aggressively negotiate the best shipping rates available for every shipping project.  No stone goes unturned in our quest to achieve the best prices for every shipment. Whether it is being shipped in a container or truck or shipped through express services, the absolute best prices are the goal each and every time we negotiate a contract on our customer’s behalf.
As we ship our log homes and cabins, we often encounter requests for changes in designs to accommodate quality standards for both style and building codes in the United States and other countries around the world.
Our design expertise and milling process allows us to offer unmatched quality in both specific design request and Log Home products no matter the quantity of log home materials required to fulfill all orders in any market we service. Our growing popularity in other countries like Canada, Africa, and South America speaks to the world’s desire to experience the exquisite living a log home offers.
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(252) 544-5660

(252) 544-5660

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