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Log Cabins Designed From Log Cabin Plans!

Tar River Log Homes is a premium Log Cabins And Log Cabin service company. Who would think that Log Cabin Houses would have so many choices & options that a person could choose from? You could build a very basic Log Cabin Kit in the tradition of our pioneering fathers, or have one completely customized and built for you. You can even choose a custom Log Cabin Plan and Tar River Log Cabin Homes can assist you with the proper materials required to build and construct that Log Cabin Home Also.

Log Cabin Homes are homes designed and milled to your specific needs and requirements and prepared specifically for you.  Your home will be milled and some times precut to a specific plan or the logs may be random length, based on the customers requirements.  The Materials will loaded onto a trailer, trucked to your property and built on your prepared building site.


Log Cabins
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